Weekend Art Challenge – Marine Life

Welcome to our weekend challenge all about Marine Life. WOW! What an amazing array of paintings and drawings we have received from our students this week. We are stunned by the quality of every single piece. They are all so varied, each and every one completely different from the next.

A special shoutout to Barbara Schunk who combined paint brushes with marine life – a very ingenious idea. Also the feature painting this week by student Kirsi Salo.

We hope that you enjoy viewing all of the work below. If you missed out on this challenge, do give it a go. This is what student Rose-Marie said to us this week in an email and we were absolutely thrilled to hear it…….

….”I love the weekend challenges. Every Friday is a lucky day which allows to be creative! And LAC such a good art academy. Thank you!”

Stay tuned for tomorrows challenge!!

Here are some “Art Fish“
Barbara Schunk
Weekend challenge, One of my favourite creatures jellyfish, watercolour on cotton paper.
Elena Statham
Jane Burden
My husband and I used to dive a lot and his passion was underwater photography. One of his photos inspired this of a Lionfish done in pastels on mount board.
Dinah Barker
This was a nice  relaxing challenge, loved trying out colours with watercolour and pastel pencils.
Pauline Burke
A Nautilus shell, for the Marine Challenge.
Anthea Post
My swimmers!
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Ethne Dian
Weekend challenge – do something interesting underwater…
Audrey Quinton
Jellyfish in pencil crayon
Sarah Louise Martin

In this order, I’ve done an octopus in pencil, ink (transformed her in a ballerina) and then a light watercolour wash/pencil similar to an exercise in the course. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I must say I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the challenge! I am thoroughly enjoying this!
Luiza Varovici‎
I am mesmerised by the beauty of Rooster Fish. Here is mine. Tricky oil pastel.
Mila Zinzen
Seren Gwawr‎
When seahorses and angler fish meet!
Emma Miller
This is my entry for the weekend challenge.
Jellyfish. Colour pencil
Victoria Moreno
A depiction of a yellow submarine, octopus and mermaid.
Marine Life. Find my contribution in the attachment.
Comments: ink, aquarelle watercolour on watercolour paper
Petra Trokanová
May Mayberry
Weekend challenge … marine life
‘Fearsome float’….. in water colour
Susan Cardozo‎
Hi there! Here’s my entry for this weekend challenge, marine life! Well… we don’t really know who is hiding under the sea, do we?
Linda G. Carluschi
Weekend art challenge…A few beachcomber finds.
Anthea Post
In this weekend challenge I choose jellyfish as the theme of my drawing. The Jellyfish is moving is slight and gently, just like the pace of time and light. So I combined these three things together. I draw it by ball-point pen and color pen.
It’s out, folks. ‘Marine Life: The Collage’, a frothy Fantasy which looked good on paper… but its cast clearly isn’t cut out for an Epic.
Julie Smalley
I’ve used watercolour pencils for my drawing of a seahorse in it’s surroundings.
Nina Phillips
Shelia Brown
Perfectly for the weekend challenge I have been working on this painting of the Kraken.
Weekend challenge – Marine life. Used one of the reference photos. Done with Derwent Inktense pencils and a white pen at the end. Happy weekend.
Anesha Marshall
Weekend Challenge Marine Life
Khadiga Kadry
Fishes are always amazing to watch…..
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar‎
Starfish using acrylic and pallete knife
Kirstie Baker‎
Astrid Nielsch
Watercolor and colored pencils
Chelsi Nicole
Audrey Quinton
Seahorse in watercolour pencil.
Shamina Chowdhury
My marine challenge – “Curious Fish Exploring The Reef”. This is the first time I partially drew and entirely coloured a big tropical fish using the Wacom tablet and Intuos pen. It was quite challenging because the surface of the tablet is slippery. I made several mistakes. So I had to re-draw parts of fish’s contour and recolour its coloured parts several times. I still need to figure out how to digitally draw and paint reef more realistically.
Spring Dawn
My take on marine life weekend challenge 😊. Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm. Had so much fun with this, my partner calls is the fish sopranos.
Kirsi Salo

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