Art Challenge – Your name in Art

Welcome to the results of this weeks art challenge. The feedback from all of our students was incredible. From the sounds of it, the challenge was one of the most enjoyable to date!

Scroll down to take a look at some of the beautiful, very clever designs and some pretty and colourful ones too. If you missed out on this challenge, please do still have a go yourself as you will find it very rewarding and very relaxing.

Congratulations to everyone. Stay tuned for a new challenge tomorrow.

As simple as it seems – it was quite difficult! It took a couple of hours to practise and half a pen:)))
I really loved the challenge this week! This week I wanted to try a stained glass effect with pencil and it is called P  is  for  Poppy, Pansy, Peacock and Pauline! 
I took a photo about the substation and overpass nearby my home in the evening. My name is combined with the buildings in this drawing. I would like to express that everyone in the world have ability and influence to the view of the society for both beauty and ugly, better or worse.
I have illustrated the letter A from my surname, and surrounded it with happy animals, flowers and a rainbow. 
Victoria Moreno‎
I’ve enjoyed doing this weekend challenge. I’ve used water coloured pencils. The background I added the water to and the name and picture part I left to look like ordinary coloured pencils.
The rose is for my Dad Roy, the snowdrop for my Mum Shirley. The Ivy is for my Nana (Ivy). The 3 in the middle represent my children, Buttercup (Brad), Iris (Isaac) and Orchid (Owen). The dragonfly is just because I love them.
I think this is what is called Spiral Doodle, it was really jumping by the time I finished it.
Weekend art challenge and practicing using masking fluid
Weekend art challenge… had fun doing this
I really enjoyed this challenge
Weekend Challenge, my initials. Done in Procreate.
This weekend challenge made me pamper myself
Colored pencils
My weekend challenge. Loved doing this with only a black pen
My fast sketch combined with photography.
Two initials for Rose-Marie. A little bit celtic, a little bit middle-age and a little bit arts and crafts. Watercolor pens, pigment liner 0,5 and Edding Calligraphy gold-coloured.
I haven’t done a weekend challenge for a while I enjoyed the doodling.
This is my weekend challenge. Used procreate on iPad Pro.

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