Weekend Challenge – Paint or Draw your photo!

Welcome to the latest results of our weekend art challenge. A couple of weeks ago we set our students a challenge to take a photo of themselves in a mirror. You can see how the students got on here – Photo in a Mirror.

So for this weekends art challenge we asked our students to paint or draw their photo in any way they would like and in any medium. The results are incredible!

Each and every image that our students created is completely unique – using their own styles, ideas and using a whole variety of mediums too. We are thrilled and our students should be really pleased with their results.

We hope that our viewers are truly inspired by what can be achieved. There are so many ideas out there for things to draw. Even in these days of lockdown, you should never run out of ideas! If you haven’t tried this challenge yet – why don’t you give it a go!

Stay tuned for our next challenge tomorrow!

My better(?) half – doubled in the mirror!
“If you accidentally stain your self-portrait and the face starts looking like of a cat – let it be that cat’s portrait!” 
So I didn’t know whether I could participate (as the time was running out). So, I made my face cat-looking and added some festive  decorations:)))
Susie Cardozo
My weekend challenge: this is a watercolour painting.
I realized the portrait had to also show the mirror and maybe some reflection effects..
Luiza Varovici
I think I got a bit carried away with the self photo I’d taken. I was wearing a mask that just covered up to my nose. This piece of work end up as a collage style portrait. The leaves are drawn with graphite pencils and the face is Derwert colour soft skin tones and for the eyes Caran D’Ache supra colour soft. The background is a very pretty piece of wrapping paper from John Lewis, blue foil card and golden sprayed leaves.
Nina Phillips
4B and 6B pencils used.
I thoroughly enjoyed doing this!
Jackie Groves
I tried to sketch my silhouette from my photo ! It is interesting to see how your shape is portrayed in just outline!
Used the cartoon face app as home alone with the kids, so limited on time.
Sarah Louise
In pastel paradise with this ‘triffic triptych’, which I named Box Set.
 I changed it a little bit from the photo. I focused in on my face and hair and made some of the colors brighter. I also changed the nail polish.
A photo that I took of me in the garden – beautifully sunny (hence the hat) giving rise to some great shadows. Quite small – 100 x 150 drawn in 2B and 5B on photocopy paper ( a mistake) I’d overlooked two things: 1. How difficult portraiture is with a line perhaps a millimetre too long, or short or just a fraction out and the likeness disappears; 2. What a handsome devil I am….
Just finished this portrait today, not the same pose as my selfie photo but it’s a selfie none the less. Pencil on newsprint. 
Louise Dexter
I did not participate last week, but here is my contribution to the weekend challenge. My husband thought that my reference picture looked like an old woman 😂 I might have to practise taking selfies 🤔 and clean my mirrors
I made this sketch a couple months ago from my photo – for practicing – I’m not very proficient in portraiture..
Reflection weekend challenge, it wasn’t easy to draw fine facial lines as it was a reflection from a puddle so I made out just silhouette. Also I thought adding a rainbow to add some colour and tributes to our NHS . Used Procreate on iPad
I think it looks like me…
Sketch from the photo on the mirror 
Gill Brook

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