We are absolutely loving this weeks collection of artwork – so varied and up-lifting. We were aiming for a cheery theme this week and we really hope all of these beautiful paintings and drawings make you smile. Thank you to tutor Steven Hersey for the theme suggestion.

We would like to make a special mention to Rose-Marie Biehlig as this is her first entry to our challenges – so welcome aboard! We hope that you enjoyed taking part. We have lots of lovely art challenges to keep you occupied over the next few months so stay tuned!

Also a special mention to Latha Bhaduri Prabakar‎ who is our featured image this week, we fell in love with her serene painting of fields and happy goats. Beautiful!

A new challenge on its way tomorrow. Keep checking back!

This is my first week-end challenge!
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Lihou island water colour 
Lihou is an island at high tide, it is off the west coast of Guernsey and takes about half hour to walk around, it has a house owned by the National trust that can be rented  , but at the moment this is off limits due to the virus. I painted this last summer through a window section of an old priory ruin situated on a high spot in the middle of the island . 
Sheila Brown 
For this week’s  challenge I have chosen the seaside enjoying an ice cream with the sun shining! As a place I would like to be!
Pauline Burke
This is my contribution to the weekend challenge – the place I planned to be in March this year – lovely Cornwall beach. But, of course, we cancel our holiday, which we hoped to have together with my daughter… Usually this beach is full with holidaymakers, but probably it looks now as it is… Though, still beautiful! I believe, we will come there one day.
Iryna Labunska‎
I would like to be a child out flying my kite with my cat
Pam O’Connell.
The thing I miss most during the lockdown, is watching football! 
Here is my little sketch. “View from the Kop”
Rather than sitting at home I would go see my grand-children and give them lots of hugs and kisses.
Véra Jaouadi
I’d love to be sitting in a coffee shop with a large glass of hot chocolate. This picture is drawn with coloured pencils, I’ve used canvas paper instead of cartridge paper. I hope you can make out what it is.
Nina Phillips
Dreaming of things I’d rather be doing… and this doodle arrived on my page. ‘The way to a woman’s heart is through the doors of a good restaurant.’ One day…
Julie Smalley
I should have been in Spain for this three months but am isolating in England so at the moment my view from the window is Thames estuary – which is grey and flat!
Audrey Quinton
If I had unlimited money and it was possible, I would explore deep space. I’d do a drive by of my favorite planet in our solar system (Jupiter) in my purple/red spaceship. I used some weird mechanical colored pencils for this which were really disappointing. I’m going to find the good pencils or get more before I attempt another colored pencil drawing.
Chelsi Nicole‎
Weekend Challenge “Things I’d rather be doing”: Looking out over this glorious view in Algonquin National Park, Canada. I was looking through my holiday photos and decided to give this a try. My first landscape watercolour in ages. So glad I was able to go there last October to see the magnificent autumn colours.
Dinah Barker
Things I’d rather be doing are: going for a stroll on a beach or taking relaxing walk by a canal, to be honest anywhere outside with open horizons and fresh air without a fear that you might get virus! So many things I’ve taken for granted, I feel the walls are closing on me with second week of isolation.
Elana Statham
Elena Statham
I want to wander in the fields of countryside. Fresh air, greenery….
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar‎

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