Welcome to this weeks art challenge. This post comes with a cuteness warning! We are sure that you will scroll down and smile at the beautiful paintings and drawings that have been created by our students. We hope you all find them inspiring!!

Stay tuned for a new challenge next!

Anne Marieke Booij‎
Baby koala sleeping
Walaa Al-jafari
Painted this using alcohol inks ,something endearing about owls this was a baby one.
Christine Towell
Pen and Ink
Brenda Davies
Jill Allsopp 
Orang-utans are high on my cuteness factor list!
Debbie Birt
Audrey Quinton
Cute panda with coloured pencils.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Wonderful and completely cute baby duck painting by
Maria Ei Zar
A wee try with cute pigeon.
Małgosia Kobylec‎
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Pam O’connell‎
Pauline Burke
A Golden Guernsey Pastel on velour paper.
Sheila Brown
Well, I, at least, think Coco (my cat) is quite cute
Clifford Herbert
Watercolour and pen
Georgia Martin
My Weekend Challenge: cute little gerbil
Véra Jaouadi‎
This is my first attempt at pastel pencils, not sure about this medium but have to persist for this course.
Anesha Marshall
Cute baby alpaca (digital art, Procreate)
Priscilla Hocking
Tiina Meurman
Tiina Meurman
Cari Aplin
Rachel Oldridge
Rachel Oldridge
This is Millie, my wife’s miniature Jack Russell, I say my wife’s as she is her shadow. Also one of the worlds most barkiest dogs (I’m not sure barkiest is a word but it works for me).
Mike Masson
Julia Renee Cook
Andrea William
Dionne Turnbull
weekend challenge submission
Pete Woolgar
Dylan F Jeskye

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