Weekend Challenge – Storms Artwork!

What a beautiful array of artwork we have received for this weeks art challenge. The artwork below really does convey the theme of ‘Storms’ well and I hope that everyone enjoys viewing all of the pieces. A very wide selection of styles and ideas. To all who took part – each of you should be very proud of what you have achieved! A big pat on the back!!

I hope that everyone who has been through storm Dennis has survived ok. It has certainly been a bit wild weather wise here in the UK.

Stay tuned for a much more peaceful challenge tomorrow!

Here is my Storms painting. The LAC photo is so beautiful and expressive that it is really difficult to compete. I’ve tried to produce some special effects, using watercolours and walnut stain, which is generally used to tint wood. I really love walnut stain for to paint trees …
Véra Jaouadi
It’s my first sketch with ink wash technique … I don‘t know how much is it good … but I like to share it with you in this weekend challenge
Walaa Al-jafari
The title storm reminded me the storm we had in 2016.I felt sad when we lost some eight big trees in our street alone.The loss of trees is a big damage for us.
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
My interpretation of a stormy day.
Nina Phillips
One I did a couple of weeks ago “Into the storm”
Jill Allsopp
Love will help us weather the storm! Weekend challenge with a valentine’s twist!
Posca markers on recycled card
Dionne Turnbull
The weekend challenges looked like fun so I thought I would try my hand at “Storm”.
Anne Marieke Booij
Storm or no storm NOTHING stops bridge!
Audrey Quinton
Weekend challenge – the storm….kind of. 
Leanne Hurrell
Weekend challenge, the storm.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Here’s my “storm” contribution I’ve just splashed some watercolours about while listening to how the wind in the trees sounds very much like the sea.
CJ Wright
Just a quick sketch while trying to get perspective depicting the storm outside the window.
Evette Coopey
This is my piece for this week’s London Art Challenge: Storm. This is a bold step for me just getting my oils out and looking at the stormy sky outside and just painting. I am really pleased with how it turned out.
Anita Marshall
This is my contribution to storm challenge – colour and movement. The idea was no show how strong wind blends colours. Just an experiment in oil!
Iryna Labunska
A cliche, I guess, but a storm anyway….
Clifford Herbert
Last September, we sheltered from a rain storm in a cafe St Ives, Cornwall, looking down at the beach and the lonely, rainswept rescue vehicle.
Rachael Hatchett
Pastel sketch “lightning strikes “
Pauline Burke
I really love the pictures offered by our blog . I drew two of them by charcoal.

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