Weekend Challenge – Onions and Garlic Artwork!

Welcome to our post all about the artwork from this weekends art challenge ‘onions and garlic’. What an amazing array of drawings and paintings our students have created!

We are so pleased and utterly delighted at how many students took part this week and we would officially like to thank each and every one of them! It not only means a lot to us when we see students taking part each week, but we are seeing improvement in students who are producing work regularly.

It’s all about practicing to help improve skills but also about having fun in the process. The subject matter of onions and garlic really lends itself to being creative and artistic. It’s really interesting to see how everyone interpreted the brief as you scroll down the page.

We hope that our readers and our students who took part enjoy seeing everyones artwork collated here – well done to everyone!!!!!

Onion, garlic and shallot on a mirror plate: fly’s-eye view. Phew, combined reflections and alliums in the same piece. It’s not very palatable I know, but intriguing practice.
Julie Smalley

Elena Stanculescu‎

Enjoyed the weekend challenge using pencils
Gwen Reavley

Weekend challenges at London Art College are always creative. I hone my skills through these art projects.
Latha Prabakar

By coincidence I was drawing an onion for my next assignment,  isn’t  that spooky!!
Pauline Burke

My effort this week, onions, in pencil,  fibertip , sketch pen, and watercolour pencils.
An interesting exercise 
Sheila Brown

Weekend challenge – garlic! Charcoal and pencil.
Shamina Chowdhury

This is my watercolour painting of garlic and beetroot I’ve made last year, and I’d like to share it with you.
Iryna Labunska‎

Digital Charcoal Onions
Louise Dexter

Weekend Art Challenge Onions & Garlic!
Hello from Germany I am a truly beginner will start D12 as soon as my course book has arrived!
Judith Reinke

Coloured pencils
Julia Renee Cook

Weekend challenge ONION! 🙂
Emily Kent‎

Also a beginner but practicing all the time!
Gill Brook

Jolanta Łosowicka

My watercolour painting fo this weekend’s art challenge Garlic & Onions: “3 Gossips”
Véra Jaouadi

Know your onions!
Audrey Quinton

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