Welcome to this weekends challenge – toys! Bears feature quite heavily and I think that would be a lovely challenge on its own for later in the year. However here our beautiful cuddly bears mixed with some lovely toy drawings and paintings. I hope that everyone loves viewing them as much as we have.

Special mention to student Katja Felbel who’s acrylic painting of lego people is simply stunning! We are certain that our students will be very impressed with Katja’s artwork! Inspirational!

Congratulations to all students that took part and stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon!

The favourite toys of my boys is Lego. They love to play and make great constructions with it. I am always fascinated what can comes out with those stones. To me (and to my kids) it is one of the brilliant toys. I decided to paint some figures of them. The painting is made with Acrylic colours.
Katja Felbel
“Sharing is Caring”
For inspiration I used my own picture with a big teddy bear. While drawing myself as a little girl – it turned out looking like an illustration for a children’s book. Well, maybe I should write one!
Mila Zinzen
A bit of a departure from my Botanical Painting Course, but I love this little bear so much I just had to include him!
Angela Symondson
Coloured pencil on multi media paper, using Faber Castell Polychronos coloured pencils.
Jacqueline Ford
Really enjoyed the weekend challenge a bit of a rush to finish but happy with the result using pastels
Gwen Reavley
Kirstie Baker‎
This is a toy elephant belonging to my niece. She has had it forever and it is starting to fall apart. I made this as a Christmas present last year.
Tiina Meurman‎
For this week’s challenge toys, I have chosen 3 bears.
Pauline Burke
Watercolour for a change!
Audrey Quinton
“Much loved”
Julia Renee Cook
I chose pull-along toys for my painting since it brings up memories of my kids learning to walk. They were encouraged to take their first steps. It was really cute to see them walk with their toys.
Latha Prabakar
Julie Smalley‎
A door stop gift given to me by my granddaughter.
Sheila Brown
A quick pencil drawing of the photo shared for the challenge. Enjoyed shading work.

My daughter’s toys (Lubby and grandma Nafeesah) Colour pencils 
Walaa Al-jafari
Done 2 saturdays ago at meet up art group. Southern Thailand traditional clothing.
Patricia Clarke
Playmobile Queen
Khadiga Kadry

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