My name is Julia Meekin and I have just completed the Pastel Painting course with tutor Monika Cilmi. From time to time over the years, I have found time every so often to practice art, mostly in watercolors.   I bought a box of 30 pastels on sale about 30 years ago and they sat in the drawer until I took them out two years ago and started ‘playing’, trying out landscapes.   I like pastels, because they really give me contact with the medium itself  and the paper, with the different styles of marks and blending.

I learned a whole lot from the LAC Pastel certificate course and highly recommend it for any level. I came closer to conquering my fear of a portrait not being recognized as a portrait!  I would like to become more proficient with animal and human portraits, and look forward to taking more LAC courses!

Julia Meekin
Pastel Painting Course

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