Weekend Challenge – Pointallism Artwork

Welcome to this weeks collection of artwork from our weekend Challenge – Pointillism! We have received such a wonderful response from our students, especially exciting to hear from Pauline who watched the video we posted showing the use of cotton buds to create her hot air balloon Pointillism artwork. We are thrilled to hear the great ideas we have here can be used in other aspects of our students creative lives.

Pauline said –
“I loved this week’s  challenge  as I looked at the youtube clip on using cotton buds for painting and gave it a go, very enjoyable to try! I work at an after school club and think this could be a great activity to do there!
Thanks! Pauline”

Alex Schofield emailed us the beautiful and very cleverly achieved painting of a crow below. Alex said…
“The pointillism painting I have made is of a crow standing in front of a hedge. I used acrylic paint on A3 canvas board and the rigid shaft tips of two feathers. The background and foreground were made with a pigeon feather, and the bird itself with a crow feather. I pick feathers up now and then when I am outside, I am really fond of wild birds. The hard tips to paint with leave good marks too, it isn’t a simple way to apply paint but seems to have a great effect.”

Leonie Schottler completed this stunning digital art piece and said…
“I used the drawing software Gimp to create this image.  I was inspired by a recent trip to beautiful Seville and a visit to the Alcazar palace there. The Palace is part of the Unesco Heritage since 1987 and an enchanting place with lots of motives to draw or inspire later work.”

Below is our full gallery of paintings and drawings. Congratulations everyone on some absolutely superb pieces! We are very much looking forward to seeing students results for our next challenge coming up tomorrow! Happy Painting everyone!

Maria Ei Zar – Artwork in Progress

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