Weekend Challenge – Cakes!

Welcome to our weekend challenge, all about cakes! You can draw, paint or illustrate any kind of cake. It could be a Vanilla Custard Slice, Battenburg, Fresh cream scone, Chocolate eclairs, Bakewell Tarts, Macaroons or what about a Long Jam Doughnut with lots of cream and jam….! Is your mouth watering yet?

If you have access to buy a cake specifically for this task from a shop – great! Alternatively we have provided lots of photos of cakes below which you can click on to view the high res versions and save them.

If you are working from life, it might be an idea to photograph your set up because…well….we know that it might be just too tempting to sit and look at the cake for such long periods of time. Also someone might come along and eat it when you aren’t looking! So make sure you have some back up photos to work from in case!

If you need inspiration there are many paintings and drawings of cakes created by artists. Search ‘Paintings of Cakes’ in Google (or your preferred search engine) and view ‘images’. You will be able to see some wonderful artwork which should be inspiring.

We are very much looking forward to seeing your results! Have fun and try not to draw on an empty stomach….!

Post your work on our Facebook Group or email it to us for inclusion on our blog later this week.

All of the photos we post on our London Art College Weekend Challenges are copyright free. Feel free to use the artwork you produce however you wish. If you would like your artwork posted here on our blog, email it to Melanie at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk. If you have any Weekend Challenge requests let us know too! Best of luck and happy drawing and painting!

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