Weekend Challenge Apples Artwork!

This weekends challenge is another tricky subject. Apples in a bowl! You might think ‘Ahh thats easy!’ however here is your chance to experiment with texture, shine and solidity, whilst juggling spheres, shadows and ellipses.

You can choose any kind of apple, cut or whole, in any type of bowl. The idea being is that you not only have the textures of the apple to deal with but you have the ellipse of the bowl to deal with too!

If you are creating your artwork in pencil, concentrate on your tones, shading the shadows dark, to allow the mid tones to create the objects shape and form. Allow the white of the paper to form the highlights.

If you are painting your bowl of apples, we have added some paintings as inspiration by Julian Merrow-Smith below in our gallery.

Student can use the photos below as reference or find your own apples and draw them from life. We wish you the best of luck! Have fun!

Post your work on our Facebook Group or email it to us for inclusion on our blog later this week.

All of the photos we post on our London Art College Weekend Challenges are copyright free. Feel free to use the artwork you produce however you wish. If you would like your artwork posted here on our blog, email it to Melanie at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk. If you have any Weekend Challenge requests let us know too! Best of luck and happy drawing and painting!

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