What an amazing array of artwork for our earthy objects challenge that we set our students to work on. We have posted all of the pieces of artwork that we received this week and there are some incredible paintings below.

The first painting was completed by Gaythri. It is incredible…particularly when you read the entire painting was completed using coffee! Yes, you read it correctly, coffee.

I can see students are now running off to find their coffee pot to experiment with their own work. Congratulations Gaythri and all of the students who submitted artwork below – well done!!!

Gaythri Alwan

Gaythri said… Sending the weekend challenge entry- earthly objects.  It is a coffee painting.  Since the colors in the reference photo is very much related to brown shades,  I used coffee as the medium. Coffee is a challenging medium  as you know.  I have used all the shades of coffee to give shading. As you know, we could not adjust the covered area since coffee will make a mark. I have tried my best.  Comments welcome. Gaythri G

Alex Schofield

Alex said… This is the first time I have sent in a photo of Weekend Challenge work, I have only been studying Drawing & Painting (tutor Paul Weaver) for a few weeks. It is a piece drawn using watercolour pencils then smeared a bit with damp fingers. It isn’t perfect! And not easy to draw from a computer screen, but I found it taught me a thing or two. Or three or four.
Alex Schofield

Jane Burden
Shelia Brown

Shelia said….I enjoyed doing this picture using watercolour and ink.
Sheila Brown 

Pauline Burke

Pauline said …I tried a brush, pen and ink which I attach! Thanks
Pauline  xx

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