Here are the wonderful pieces of artwork from this weekend’s Decorative Pen and Ink art challenge. Aren’t they absolutely wonderful! All of our students have created some stunning artwork and some beautiful decorative patterns in them.

Katherine Peverelle, Katherine Black and Maria Win have executed some excellent cross hatching and line work in their drawings. Annie Hemsley and Pauline Burke has added some intricate decorative art on their turtle and elephant zoo lanterns designs.

Shelia Brown’s daffodils along with Heidi Elizabeths leaves are very delicate. Loving the photo of Heidi’s sketchbook and pen! Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk’s drawing is bold and beautifully decorated and finally Malgosia Kozicka’s decorative piece is simply stunning!! So much work has done into this one, the thought and planning of the vines, leaves, flowers and birds – simply superb! Well done to everyone – we hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did!!

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Malgosia Kozicka
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
Shelia Brown
Heidi Elizabeth
Pauline Burke ‘Zoo lanterns’
Annie Hemsley
Katherine Black
Katherine Peverelle
Maria Win

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