Sabine Krappmann

Sabine Krappmann completed our Botanical Painting Course a number of years ago and these are some of Sabine’s final pieces to continue to inspire our students with. Sabines work is absolutely beautiful and we know that you will find each study magnificent, particularly the yellow poppies below.

Sabines use of colour and fine detail draws the viewers eye into her illustrations with ease, flowing around admiring every inch of her work. Perhaps students will also note her clever use of light and shade, particularly noticeable on the top yellow flower head. The light is coming from above, casting a lovely shadow on the stem of the flower underneath. As the stem curves, it pops back out into the light beyond the flower head, to reveal its glorious luscious green colour. This helps to achieve the realism in the piece. Top Tip – light and shade must be drawn and painted in your artwork! Sabine has done a wonderful job here and we wish her all the best in her future pieces.

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