Pauline Fallows

Pauline Fallows has been working on the Portrait Painting course with tutor Alan Dedman. We have added a few of Pauline’s paintings that she has produced while completing the assignments. Our favourite painting of Pauline’s has to be the top image below.

The composition breaks a number of general art rules but still incredibly works so well. Some artists say that it is important that the subject is facing into the scene and not to chop anything out of the composition. Also to allow the eye to flow around the scene using the composition to help you.

Paulines painting however, breaks many of these rules but still works really, really well. So although the gentleman is central in the painting, he is looking at a newspaper which is off centre so our eye flows to the right, the table pulls us to the right ever further and his feet are out of the scene. We also have very little on the left side to keep our focus there.

However The overall scene and the way pauline has painted it, means that it is a very successful painting. It all seems to work extremely well and we love it! It just shows some rules can be broken. Well done Pauline!

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