Sabine Krappmann

Sabine Krappmann completed the Botanical Painting Diploma Course a few years ago and we thoroughly enjoy showing her work here on our blog. Isn’t this painting stunning!

We hope our students will be inspired, not only students who are on our botanical and flower paintings courses, but on all of our courses.

For those students who are taking our Botanical courses, why not pop over to our Facebook group and see what our students are posting today… Botanical FaceBook Group. 


Ting Wei

Welcome to a fantastic piece of artwork today by student Ting Wei. Ting is studying the Illustration Diploma Course and from viewing her artwork below, it looks as though she is throughly enjoying it!

Our illustration course covers a wide range of subjects allowing the student to be creative in their assignments. If you are interested in learning how to illustrate, why not pop over to our website and take a look at our Illustration course in more detail…. Illustration Diploma Course

Geoff Goodall

Beautiful coloured pencil artwork by today’s student Geoff Goodall. We have been admiring the lovely warm and light colours Jeff has used throughout his work and it really gives a lovely fresh feel to his drawings.  They are also very well drawn and his coloured pencil techniques are superb. We hope that you like them too.

If you would like to learn how to draw in coloured pencil, just like Jeff is doing, then head on over to our website and take a look at our Coloured Pencil Online Art Course page to view details about the course. You can enrol at any time and work form you home in your own time.


Denise Norman

My name is Denise Norman and I have recently completed the Coloured Pencil drawing course.  I have no art education or formal training, just a keen interest and a desire to produce something that I could be proud of.

It has probably taken me longer than most to complete the course, but I have loved every minute and learned so much.  I have improved enormously along the way thanks not only to the detailed course materials, but more importantly to Monika’s help and constructive feedback and support, not to mention her patience.  I have subsequently developed a new skill and passion which I am looking forward to continue working on and improving further.

I can highly recommend art as a destressor; it has certainly helped we unwind and relax.  These pictures were my final submissions and were produced using Derwent Artists pencils and Faber Castell Polychromo pencils on Bristol Board paper.  I am hoping to register for the Botanical Coloured Pencil art course next.

Denise Norman
Coloured Pencil Course


Sandhya Sharma

Sandhya Sharma has created a lovely selection of practice drawings in graphite pencil and sepia pastel for her practice assignments on the Life Drawing and Painting course. Some of the drawings Sandhya has been able to draw from life, some she has used photographs to work from. Either way, they are great practice to help improve observation skills of the human form. Sandhya has also been practicing foreshortening in poses which you can see by the study of the boy sleeping and the gymnast.

Marianela Soto

Marianela Soto is studying the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma Course with tutor Maggy Roberts. Marianela contact me here at tech support with her artwork to ask about resizing the images for submitting in the ‘The Art Room’. Upon helping her I felt that her work would be absolutely superb to showcase here on the blog and so we hope you enjoy viewing them.

Hi from Santiago, Chile! I am taking Maggie Roberts’ course on Illustrating Children’s Books. The assignment was to create a large double-page spread illustration. Also a collage cut out. I hope you like them.

Landscape Watercolours

We thought it would be great to collect a selection of the beautiful watercolour landscape paintings students have been creating on the Landscape Painting Diploma Course. We have so many beautiful paintings in all different mediums on file, that we will have to have a ‘Landscape Week’ soon! However today’s post is dedicated to Watercolour. The paintings are by our London Art College students as follows : Zainab Aziz, Miren Amaya Del Castillo, Moira Millar, Ann Rae and Jackie Davies.

Christine Amstutz

Christine Amstutz completed our Drawing and Painting Diploma and here are a few of her pieces of artwork from the assignments on the course. We particularly love the painting of the pear. The colours Christine used along with the patterns and shapes in the background are superb.

The pear has been painted exquisitely with light on the left hand side and cooler shadows on the right. It is absolutely superb. The texture of the canvas really helps to pull everything together – it si simply wonderful. We hope you also enjoy viewing Christine’s artwork and find it as inspiring as as we do.


Coloured Pencil Collection

We have five very different pieces of artwork today from students who are studying on the Coloured Pencil Course. The course is very well rounded and it enables students to draw any subject that they would like whilst teaching coloured pencil as a medium as well as observational drawing too. So if you had a penchant for drawing buildings, then we are more than happy for you to include lots of street scenes, sky scrapers, city scapes and studies of architecture in your assignments. The first two drawings below are in fact good examples of this! We hope you find all of the pieces inspiring.

Artwork by students as follows : Helen Parkes, Amelia Whiffin, Jane Griffiths, Keith Galliford and Norma Hall.