My name is Natalia Romankova and I am studying the follow on course to the Children Illustration Diploma.  I’ve not finished the follow-up course, but I had a few respectful reasons! Almost a year ago our family welcomed a new baby and now I’m a mom of 3 girls. Also in December 2017 a book with my illustrations was published. Within 2 weeks it became a bestseller on the most popular Russian book seller site.

The name of the book is “Asta, the hurricane. Geographic adventures”. It is about a girl named Asta who can travel with the wind. A wind takes the girl and moves her to another country where a girl or a boy is in need of help. Asta helps and then a wind returns her back. It is a set of short stories welcoming a young reader to the geography – mainlands, counties and their capitals, oceans etc.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank Maggy very much for her comments and help! It has really changed my life.

Natalia Romankova
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course

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