Alyne Dallacqua

Tutor Maggy Roberts emailed us this wonderful illustration by her student Alyne Dallacqua who has just successfully completed theIllustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with a distinction. We would officially like to congratulate Alyne and wish her well in with her work for the coming years! Alyne said of her final assignment below…

This is my last submission and although I am proud of myself for finally finishing the course and having learned so much, I will miss the exercises and reading your observations.

In the tortoise exercise I took care to do everything in the right size (240X170 mm), with an extra 5mm around. As it is a very old story, when the shell of the turtle was still smooth, I decided to include among the birds the Kiwi, which is now an endangered species but it would make sense to exist at the time of this fictitious turtle.

Alyne Dallacqua
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course


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