Alison Hughes – Coloured Pencil

Student Alison Hughes has created two drawings for one of her assignments on the coloured pencil course. Alison worked from life however also took a photo of the scene so that her tutor course see what she was drawing. This is really helpful particularly when students are creating realism drawings and paintings. It allows tutors to help students with light, shade, tonal ranges, colour choices and perspective.

Alison did a preliminary tonal drawing in graphite pencil first so that she could understand the light and shade and tonal ranges before heading into the colour drawing. There is so much to think about when creating a piece of artwork in colour, so having had the experience of the drawing first, allowed Alison so be more confident in her colour version.

We hope you like Alison’s drawings and that it inspires you to draw things from life that you find around you home too. It is a really great exercise for students of all ages and abilities.

2 thoughts on “Alison Hughes – Coloured Pencil

  1. I love Alison’s ” mug and spoon drawings” , especially the graphite one. I was doing the same exercise a year ago, when I started the Coloured Pencil Course and little did I know what an enjoyable year lay ahead and how satisfying it was to receive my certificate with distinction. I have now started on the extra sets of exercises which are available and which look like a huge challenge, and I am sure that Alison will experience the same amount of enjoyment with coloured pencils as I am,and I wish her every success.

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