Alison Hughes – Coloured Pencil

Student Alison Hughes has created two drawings for one of her assignments on the coloured pencil course. Alison worked from life however also took a photo of the scene so that her tutor course see what she was drawing. This is really helpful particularly when students are creating realism drawings and paintings. It allows tutors to help students with light, shade, tonal ranges, colour choices and perspective.

Alison did a preliminary tonal drawing in graphite pencil first so that she could understand the light and shade and tonal ranges before heading into the colour drawing. There is so much to think about when creating a piece of artwork in colour, so having had the experience of the drawing first, allowed Alison so be more confident in her colour version.

We hope you like Alison’s drawings and that it inspires you to draw things from life that you find around you home too. It is a really great exercise for students of all ages and abilities.

Galina Arthur – Portrait Painting

Galina Arthur has been creating some stunning artwork on our Portrait Painting Course with tutor Alan Dedman. Our portraiture students might like to also watch this speed painting video on YouTube for inspiration. It has been created by artist Ben Lustenhouwer and it shows how you can very quickly get an oil sketch / study on canvas, working from a photo. Blending is key in Ben’s tutorial along with keeping edges soft, this helps to create realism. We hope you enjoy watching it and viewing Galina’s paintings too!

Galina Arthur 42031 portraits


Saima Jalil

Post by Student Saima Jalil

It was a pleasure to receive your mail along with copy of my Certificate stating ‘Distinction’ in Oils. I am highly obliged and thankful to the entire team of London Art College who designed the course study along with the highly professional tutors who refined me from an art student to a professional artist. All courses are brilliantly designed and amazingly tutored. Each critique for my uploaded assignments is a lesson to remember for my future career as an artist.

‘Art Bahrain across borders 2017’ gave me a chance this year to exhibit my works. I was chosen for the most prestigious art exhibition in the country where my works were praised and purchased by Her Royal Highness, wife of the King of Bahrain. It was a memory to flourish for my entire life.

I have been with LAC in different courses since past six years. I passed my first course, Landscape Diploma, with merit. The course was professionally designed. I surely learned a lot from it. Felt lucky to have Mr. Alan Dedman as my tutor. His critiques and comments on all work submitted, have refined me. He is surely a wonderful tutor, thanks to his comments and advices. During Landscape Diploma I have been part of many exhibitions in Dubai International Art Center, being a member there.

I would love to thank London Art College for giving me the confidence.
Saima Jalil

John Crompton – Watercolour

Hello everyone, I’m John Crompton and I am studying the Watercolour Diploma with Jem Bowden.  My watercolour painting below was done on NOT paper, using Artist quality watercolours.

I prefer to work from imagination rather than from nature. I wanted to do a simple painting with a very low horizon line. The sky was done wet in wet with a mixture of French Ultramarine and Cerulean blue with Burnt umber added for the cloud shadow. Whilst still wet a scrunched up paper towel was very lightly touched on the upper sky to lift out some wispy clouds.

The background mountains where done whilst the paper was still damp with a mixture of French Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson mix blending this down to the Horizon line, the background trees where also done in the same colour. The distant field was done in Cadmium Yellow fading out into the mountains. Whilst still wet Burnt sienna was blended into the lower part of this field.

The path was done in the same colour has the mountains and I believe the foreground field was done in a weak wash of French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. The tree hedge and fence where all done in a stronger mix of the same. Once dry the same mix was touched onto the tree and hedge in places to give a stronger tone with little marks placed into the field. Finally Yellow ochre was added to the mix and touched in here and there.

No matter who you are, there is always more you can learn and since I joined the London Art College, my work is definitely improving, it is exciting wondering where it will lead me.

John Crompton
Watercolour Diploma

Ana Mariela Gutierrez – Cartooning

My name is Ana Mariela Gutierrez and I am taking the Cartooning Diploma with John Byrne. I was in slight depression after my cat died. She had been with me for 14 years, from the time I came to UK. She was my muse and in my solitude I write poetry to fend off homesickness.  At that point, my mind was blank and I needed an outlet. I found London Art College online and decided to enrol. Although it took awhile for me to finish the course due to work commitments, I made time out from work one or two days so I can concentrate on my homework/exercises/assignments.  I still use my cat as my muse. That’s why most of my drawings are cat inspired.  I drew birds mainly because I see them at the back garden where our neighbour often leave food and water. I see them from my kitchen window… they can be funny creatures.

I could not thank you enough how the course have brought me back to writing again. Tutor John Byrne have pushed me to keep going with his encouragement, guidance and appreciation of my progress. I used to think that I have to draw a perfect image but John said, I don’t need to because my drawings have personality that makes it stand out. From then, I started to enjoy every “drawing time”. Completed my course in February with Merit and up until now I’m still over the moon. But I don’t want to stop, I want to learn more. I am hoping to incorporate my poems with drawings, and London Art College have suggested (attached information when I received my Diploma) for me to do Illustrations.  I can’t wait and hopefully it will be soon.  One day, I want to fulfil a dream of illustrating my poems and publish a book…maybe a fantasy story of a cat!

Ana Mariela Gutierrez
Cartooning Diploma Student

Alison Hadavizadeh – Botanical Painting

The final post of the week showcases a wonderful painting by Alison Hadavizadeh from the Botanical Painting Course. If you have always wanted to draw and paint flowers, fruit and vegetables, hop on over to our website to read more about the course and what it entails. If you are a students studying on the course, why not email us your artwork for inclusion here on our blog – we would love to add them for you!

Learn how to observe, draw and paint the complex and captivating structures of all plants: flowers, leaves, fruits or vegetables. Learn at your own pace and discover skills you never knew you had.


Aisha Mussawa – Diploma in Drawing and Painting

Aisha Mussawa has created this drawing from life for an assignment on our Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. The course teaches you the fundamentals of drawing and painting and it give you the opportunity to experiment with lots of different mediums giving you time to practice with your materials. It also covers lots of subjects and allows you to discover what you really like to draw and paint. It is a wonderful course for beginners too. We hope you like the charcoal drawing below and it inspires you to pick up your pencil!