Lorena Nannini – Oil Certificate Course

I’m Lorena Nannini and I’ve just attended the Oil Certificate Course; I’ve been tutored by Alan Dedman.

I’ve always been painting as long as I can remember; I hadn’t the opportunity to attend any art course so I am a self thought; I live in Firenze (Florence) and I’ve mainly studied the old masters. Here there is a lot to see about old masters’ art.

This course was definitely one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life. My confidence as an artist has grown hugely since the course began. I remember worrying that I didn’t have an artistic ‘style’ and being always daunted by other people’s work.

I have found this course has really increased my confidence in all aspects of my illustration and painting work and has allowed me to start incorporating my passion for painting into my works.

Alan is a very professional tutor and he has greatly helped me to reach a less controlled way of painting, and now I like it.

This work I’ve posted for my last assignment is an example of how I have been combining my acrylic landscapes; I hope it deserves to be published.

Lorena Nannini
Oil Certificate Course

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