Elena Peres – Pastel Paintings

Elena Peres has created some stunning studies of garlic for her Pastel Painting Art Course. She has used different coloured pastel papers to experiment with, which has helped shade her studies when drawing them in different lighting conditions. Elena has used a strong light source for the top left study, positioning the light from above / behind the garlic. This has allowed Elena to create lovely light on the top of the garlic and some interesting shadows under the garlic too.

Garlic is a wonderful object to draw, particularly using pastels, as it has excellent textures and its shape and form is very interesting. You can also pull the garlic apart and draw the single cloves or experiment with some of the cloves taken out. Why not have a go yourself and see what you can come up with. Let us know how you get on!

Anneke Van Dijk-Broerse – Pet Portraits Course

Anneke Van Dijk-Broerse studied on our Pet Portraits Diploma Course and created this beautiful coloured pencil drawing of two gorgeous dogs, plus background, for her final assignment. The brief was to create a portrait with two dogs sitting in a setting all using different photos. So in this drawing Anneke would have used three separate photos, one of each dog and one for the background, to create the final composition.

Overall the drawing has been kept light and bright. Anneke has cropped in so we can see both dogs head and chest allowing for plenty of detail in the dogs faces. This also means as a viewer we can connect with the dogs eyes immediately. Well done Anneke for a fantastic drawing!


Chani Mores – Drawing for Children

Starting off the week with a fantastic drawing by young artist Chani Mores. Chani created this drawing of one of her favourite toys for the Drawing For Children course. Isn’t it wonderful! Our young students are encouraged to create drawings of their favourite things and in doing so we help them to make their drawings look three dimensional. We also help them study the light and shade on each object while shading or colouring. If you have a budding artists aged from 7 and above, why not head over to our website and see if the course might be fun for them too!

Lorena Nannini – Oil Certificate Course

I’m Lorena Nannini and I’ve just attended the Oil Certificate Course; I’ve been tutored by Alan Dedman.

I’ve always been painting as long as I can remember; I hadn’t the opportunity to attend any art course so I am a self thought; I live in Firenze (Florence) and I’ve mainly studied the old masters. Here there is a lot to see about old masters’ art.

This course was definitely one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life. My confidence as an artist has grown hugely since the course began. I remember worrying that I didn’t have an artistic ‘style’ and being always daunted by other people’s work.

I have found this course has really increased my confidence in all aspects of my illustration and painting work and has allowed me to start incorporating my passion for painting into my works.

Alan is a very professional tutor and he has greatly helped me to reach a less controlled way of painting, and now I like it.

This work I’ve posted for my last assignment is an example of how I have been combining my acrylic landscapes; I hope it deserves to be published.

Lorena Nannini
Oil Certificate Course

Magdalena Grabek – Just The Right Home!

Student Magdalena Grabek has created a stunning illustration for the assignment, “At last just the right home.” Maggy Roberts, tutor for our Illustrating Children’s Books Online Art Course, emailed it to us for inclusion on the blog and website gallery.

There is so much to see within the illustration and it is perfect to keep the attention of little ones reading the story. We very much like the depth of field she has created within her tonal ranges. Can you see that the background is lighter and foreground darker? This helps to give a three dimensional feel to the scene and also brings focus to the main character and his home. Well done Magdalena for creating a beautiful painting.

Joseph Firman – Graphic Design

Student Joseph Firman has been designing a poster to advertise London for tourists on the Graphic Design Art Diploma Course. We love the bold striking colours Joseph has used which is very eye catching. Also the decorative background in the sky using different blue colours are a great idea and forms part of the Union Jack flag. Its all very well thought out and extremely clever. Well done Joseph for a fantastic submission!