We have students of all ages working on our online art courses. Talitha Young is a young student who has produced some superb drawings for one of her assignments on the Drawing Course for Children. Aren’t they wonderful!

Talitha has first drawn her trainer and shaded it using coloured pencils. She has noted the direction of light and shade and incorporated a shadow both under the toe of the shoe and inside the shoe which helps to create a three dimensional object.

Talitha then drew a pear, which is a pretty tricky object to draw. It has an usual surface texture and we feel she has described it beautifully. Her direction of shading really helps to create a round solid object. In this drawing Talitha decided to shade it entirely in graphite pencil. She observed the shadow and also shaded the far side of the pear which would have been in shade, as the light is hitting the front. This has been shaded lighter to create a highlight. Some very advanced skills being used!

Finally Talitha shaded a wooden toy dragon using coloured pencils shading it with strong bright colours. All three drawings are absolutely superb and we think Talitha will go far in her art endeavours!

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