Robert Kidner is currently taking our Coloured Pencil Course and follows our blog with interest. He signed up for our  blog newsletter which is delivered via email every Sunday. If you would like to sign up to our weekly news, you can do so here – London Art College Blog Newsletter

A few weeks ago Robert saw a blog post about the photography coursework by student Alison Owen. One photo taken for her assignment was when she visited Middle Row in Faversham, UK. Robert was immediately inspired by the photo! He contacted the college to see if Alison would give permission to create a drawing from it. Alison was delighted!

Robert has now completed his coloured pencil drawing of Middle Row, which is fantastic, and added two people and a dog to complete the scene. We have also included Alison’s photograph for our readers to see too. We love the fact that two students can be connected in this way, one helping the other!

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