Komal Pankhania

My name is Komal Pankhania and I am studying the Drawing and Painting Online Art Course with the London Art College. My artwork below is in Acrylic and also one still life painting in soft pastels.

1. The painting is inspired by nature in which I have tried to show mountains and valley with a small village. It was challenging to create small houses.
2. A woman in red dress is Bride waiting in backyard.
3. Woman in night water with  the moonlight reflecting…imaginary painting
4. Women in dark night with the use of different shades of orange white and black.
5. Still life with pastels this was really difficult to control as it is made with soft pastel but it was real fun along with the challenge.
So far I have learned a lot in my course and have seen a huge difference in understanding and using the right way to use different color mediums on paper.
I also have my Instagram account in the name of kreativp where I post daily artwork of mine. You can also follow me on Facebook >>




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