Komal Pankhania

My name is Komal Pankhania and I am studying the Drawing and Painting Online Art Course with the London Art College. My artwork below is in Acrylic and also one still life painting in soft pastels.

1. The painting is inspired by nature in which I have tried to show mountains and valley with a small village. It was challenging to create small houses.
2. A woman in red dress is Bride waiting in backyard.
3. Woman in night water with  the moonlight reflecting…imaginary painting
4. Women in dark night with the use of different shades of orange white and black.
5. Still life with pastels this was really difficult to control as it is made with soft pastel but it was real fun along with the challenge.
So far I have learned a lot in my course and have seen a huge difference in understanding and using the right way to use different color mediums on paper.
I also have my Instagram account in the name of kreativp where I post daily artwork of mine. You can also follow me on Facebook >>




Lisa M Law – Illustration

My name is Lisa and I’m nearing the end of my Illustration course with Spencer Hill. I have been really enjoying it and thought I’d share some of my pieces. I’ve loved the variety of assignments – including an illustration of how to stimulate chickens, a logo for a magic supplies/coffee shop, a children’s illustration of a woodlouse using a toothbrush as a trampoline (!), and a cartoon strip about anything I wanted.

Spencer has been an amazing tutor and during the course I made a journey from paper to digital and feel like I’ve found my perfect medium. You’ll notice my chosen pieces are all digital – they were done during the second half of the course when I was getting the hang of my new drawing tablet :-).

Thanks London Art College and Spencer. I’m now looking forward to my final assignment feedback and can’t wait to get started on more art projects!

Lisa M Law
Illustration Diploma Course

Naomi Atkinson – Fiery Fred

Naomi is studying the Illustration Children’s Book Diploma with tutor Maggy Roberts.

“With Firey Fred I tried to pay attention the words ‘loose painting’ in the brief, but as I am very new to painting I am finding it quite a challenge! I admit that I have a tendency to be a little too precise with my drawing and painting and so I am trying to rectify this. I tried to keep the colours and shapes bright and bold, but at the end realised I had again not paid enough attention to the light source and shadows so I had to go in after it was dry and add a few shadows to try and rectify this. I was worried that this might ruin the effect, but apart from a few unwanted blobs I think I mostly got away with it. There are a few bits I would change if I was doing it again, particularly the ‘smoky’ bits at the bottom of his tail, I think they spoil it a little, I am also a little concerned that his expression makes him look like he is smirking rather than guilty. It is amazing the difference a small amount of line can make!

I am inspired by the the work of people such as Emily Gravett and Anita Jeram, they have a lovely loose painting and line style and this is what I tried to emulate with Firey Fred although I didn’t quite hit the mark. I also enjoy the energy and comedy of artists such as Quintin Blake, Ronald Searle and Chris Riddell, but feel a little like no matter how hard I try all of my drawings are coming out resembling Aardman Animation characters (another childhood influence!) I also have a book called ‘Smelly Louie’ by Catherine Rayner, her illustrations are very charming with expressive use of mixed media – I aspire to be so unhinged and extravagant!

On the whole I do feel like I am improving, I am finding techniques of getting ideas flowing, though it is always a bit of an uphill struggle to the end! I have been taking a few life drawing classes recently which has really started to help loosen me up and be a little bolder with my mark making”.

Naomi Atkinson
Children’s Illustration Course

Deirdre Kellett – Botanical Coloured Pencil

This is the work of Deirdre Kellett, who is doing the Botanical Coloured Pencil Course. Assignment 5 is to draw and paint fruit or vegetables, so she chose a Dragonfruit and some tomatoes. What I really like about the tomatoes in particular, is the level of detail in the sepals and stalk. She really has captured the hairiness of the stalk, which make a nice contrast to the glossy smoothness of the skin.
Shevaun Doherty
Botanical Painting Course


Mel Newing – Dog Portrait

My name is Mel Newing and I am completing the Pet Portrait Diploma Course with Gayle Mason. I’ve completed the 1st piece for exercise 4 which asks for a dog with basic background. This is actually an attempt at a commissioned piece I did early last year that I have been itching to re-do! I thought it would be great to see if I could improve on things from last year with things I ahve learnt form the course. The original photo is of very poor quality but having had a little more experience now drawing dogs I felt far more comfortable doing this. I am taking reference from other clearer photos for detail such as fur direction and basic nose shape, whilst still being able to keep as true as possible to the original photo.

This is drawn using pastels on pastel mat paper, size approx A4, and I feel very happy with this piece. For the under tones I used quite a lot of blues and purples to get the dark tone of the fur without over-doing it with the black. I was aware of ending up with a black blob if I was too heavy handed, so used black for only the darkest areas by the ears/eyes and the finer fur detail.

It was interesting doing the background. I needed to add more pastel than I expected to be able to get a smooth shading/blend. I chose to use a darker colour on the left to accentuate the light tones in the fur, and a lighter background on the right to try and make those darker areas appear darker. I’m hoping go got there with it?!

Mel Newing
Pet Portraits Course

Monika Cilmi’s book ‘Beginning Chinese Brush’ is available..

Chinese Brush Painting tutor Monika Cilmi’s book called ‘Beginning Chinese Brush’ is finally available. The book is structured in such a way to inspire beginners and established artists alike. By following traditional Chinese techniques, it can not only help you become more adept at Chinese brush painting but can also can help you develop your personal work when working in different styles and media.

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Julie Ann Maguire – Gone Crabbin’

Former London Art College student, Julie Ann Maguire is delighted to share the wonderful news that her drawing, Gone Crabbin’ has been selected for the 16th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition at the Menier Gallery in London.

This will be her third successive year at the Menier. The show runs from 25 April to 6 May 2017. The Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU. All welcome.

Find out more on her art website blog:

Best Wishes
Julie Ann Maguire (JAM)

Jane Tivey – Coloured Pencil Course

My name is Jane Tivey. After breaking my wrist a couple of years ago I couldn’t seem to get going again with my drawing and painting – particularly as it doesn’t seem to be quite the same as before! Especially my little finger which was my pastel ‘blending’ finger! Then I spied an advert for a Coloured Pencil workshop at my local library and thought it might get back in the flow! I really enjoyed it and after a few decided I wanted to learn more!

So – when a friend mentioned that she had done the Drawing and Painting Diploma at the London Art College I had a look and enrolled in the Coloured Pencil Certificate course! It has really stretched me from the beginning; I was becoming a bit complacent sticking mainly to animals (normally in pastel) and right from my first ‘mug and spoon’ piece I have been challenged!!

I’m on my last four pieces for my final assignment but I’ve selected a few of my favourite pieces from my assignments.

One – I call it My Memory Bowl – was to meet the requirement to ‘find some odds and ends that can be piled up together to create an interesting and unusual composition’. I struggled with this concept until a friend suggested using objects that meant something to me and this was the result.

The boat and the car were from London Art College pictures and the Lion Cub was from my own reference picture! Looking back at images to select for this blog clearly show how my work has improved since my first mug and spoon piece!

Jane Tivey
Coloured Pencil Course