Edward Javier – Day 1 – Colour Wheel

Oil Painting student Edward Javier has completed set three of his course and emailed the most wonderful PDF of his step by steps and his process. We are going to split Edwards submission over the next few days so that everyone can follow along to see what he has been created. It is well worth staying turned. Edwards final piece is fantastic!

The colour wheel 

Acrylic Gesso
Primed water color paper
Pencil & eraser
Ruler Bowl for drawing circles
Oil Paint (Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Ultramarine Blue & White)
Oil Painting brushes

Step 1 – Drawing the wheel

Step 2 – Using oil paint, start painting the wheel, I started with yellow because its the easiest to contaminate.

Step 3 – Complete the rest of the colours, clean brushes throughly between colours.

Final Output

Come back tomorrow for the next instalment!

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