Charlotte Kaill – Illustrating Children’s Books

My name is CharlotteKaill and I am currently taking a course with the London Art College. I am half way through my Children’s Book Illustration course with Maggy Roberts and i’m loving it. It has helped me imagine characters and stories that I never thought I was capable of.
I signed up for the Children’s book illustration course because I love drawing and creating characters. I have always loved art ever since I was little as it runs in my family. My mum thinks my ability to create amusing characters is my strong point.
The piece below is one I recently submitted for the brief titled ‘Fiery Fred’ about a young dragon who can’t yet control his fiery breath. I find it really useful to document my process, as it helps me to learn from what I have done previously. When I start an assignment I take my learnings from the previous one so that I can turn my weaknesses into my strengths. I have created a blog post for ‘Fiery Fred’ which details the journey I went on and how I completed the final piece of work. You can see it here – Charlottes Blog >>  and I also have a giant Pinterest board full of inspiration for this assignment for anyone that finds it useful Charlottes Pinterest >>
I can’t wait for the next assignment and to see how much I have learnt by the end of the course. I also post my art on Instagram when I feel it’s worthy Charlottes Instagram >>
Charlotte Kaill

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