The London Art College have a good relationship with Painters Online and we thought it might be lovely for our students to know about the Painters Online Free Gallery. Did you know about their Free gallery service?

Artists can add up to 4 paintings per day, with no limit on how many they keep in their portfolio. Many of our students know that promoting themselves online can be difficult and so this is a very user friendly and easy way to show off your artwork. Whether you already have a website or social media..this is another added way of being found.


All students need to do is register at this link Painters Online Registration and everything is managed from ‘My Account’. To share in the gallery you need to be registered and logged in. So from ‘My Account’ you go to ‘My Art’ and follow the instructions to upload.

The first time you upload you need to name a ‘Gallery’ after this all galleries will feature in the dropdown menu. Many artists have just one gallery, others choose to have several – sorted by medium or subject matter. Then it’s just a case of adding the title, writing a description (include the medium if possible – other artists like to know!), select the file, tick any relevant boxes about techniques, medium etc and save at the bottom.

Your own personalised URL

The galleries are completely managed by yourself and other users can comment on your artwork and contact you from your profile page. This might be very handy if you are looking to gain commission work, exhibit in galleries, or looking for publishers as you can be contacted easily. Each artist has a personalised url which can be shared with others, used for publicity and sent to galleries or publishers for your work to be browsed. Web addresses can be added and an artist profile/biography can also be included via ‘My Account’.

Blogs and Forums

Painters Online also have an area for writing blogs and an active art discussion forum. Alan Bickley is a very active member so our students might want to take a look at his page for inspiration. Alan Bickley Gallery. Also, so that I can help students if they require, I have set up an account for my own drawings which you can find here – Red Kite Studios. I managed to register, write a short bio and upload some of my own artwork within 15 minutes. I found everything very easy to understand, so hopefully you all will too.


Painters Online also select work from the galleries to share on social media and on e-newsletters – with some artists writing demonstrations and sharing a bit more about how they work. Plus both magazine editors select work to appear in the magazines each month – some have even been asked to write for the magazines! How fabulous is that. You could have your work published just by having a gallery!

So what are you waiting for! Go and get started today. Sign up and let us know your gallery address. We will promote it here on the blog and our social media…and I’m sure Painters Online will too!



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  1. My daughter,Satavisa Lahiri ,a student of London Art College is interested in Painters Online Registration. Is she eligible to get registered.

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