Alfred Blakers successfully completed the online Landscape Painting Art Course studying with tutor Alan Dedman. Students can experiment with painting landscapes in watercolour and oils. They can work out in the field from life or  from the comfort of their own home working from photographs.

Alan encourages his students to research and experiment with creating watercolour sky studies of ever changing  clouds at various times of the day. Students have painted some amazing studies and you can see just a few of them in the Landscape Painting Student Gallery.

As you can see from the painting below Alfred has created a beautiful and dynamic piece. Alan works with his students helping them with their colour mixing (Alan also tutors the Colour Awareness Course) and guides students in learning how to create depth and distance using colour and tones within their paintings.

We hope that you find this painting inspiring! Why not drop us a line if you have any questions about enroling on the Landscape Painting course or purchase your course and get started today!


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