Portrait Painting Course – Deimante Bruzguliene

This is an absolute superb study created by a student who is currently studying with the London Art College tutor and professional artist Alan Dedman. Deimante Bruzguliene is currently working through the distance learning course  Portrait Painting Certificate Course and has been practicing features of the face – eyes, nose and mouth.

Deimante has an excellent style of drawing and we really like the way she has developed her style, being able to describe the undulations of the skins shape and form. She has achieved three dimensional form and superb depth of tone within the eye and enabled the eye to shine using the highlight.

Our Portrait Painting Course is open to all who would like to study painting and drawing portraits from life and from photos. The course will guide you through the different mediums and give a good introduction to them so students can experiment and practice and develop their techniques.  Visit our website today for more information – Online Art Courses >> 


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