Jane Sunbeam

My name is Jane Sunbeam and I have just finished my MA in Children’s Book Illustration and I wanted to write how the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma with Maggy Roberts was a really important part of this journey.

When I was nervously attempting to try to link my words and pictures, I found the Children’s Illustration course, and it was great, giving me the vital information I needed to get started – and reintroducing me to the basics such as pen and ink, and collage from my own painted papers.

I loved the briefs, as it was so useful doing the same as other students, learning and being inspired by those who had succeeded before me. I still use the collaged peacock image to this day. Maggie was so kind and constructive, and through this course I gained enough confidence (and images) to apply for the Ma.

We have our final show in London 9th to 13th Feb 2016 and the exhibition details are on their website.

Students can read my Blog and Facebook page and view my Website too.

Jane Sunbeam
Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma


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