Keziah Herbert


I’m Keziah, and I am currently on the Children’s Book Illustration follow on course with Maggy Roberts. I finished the first part of the course with a distinction earlier this year, and it has made me much more confident with my work, and made me focus on my goal of being a freelance illustrator.

I’ve started taking small commissions, am working on my own children’s book ideas, and have now self published my very own adult colouring in book! “Colouring Birds – Vol.1” is printed with a lovely British company who helped me a lot to make sure everything was laid out correctly.

I have my books in uncoated paper for pencils, and silk finish paper for pens. Though the uncoated paper is best with pencils, it will still work with pens. The silk paper will not work with pencils.

You can find them on my ETSY shop, and until Monday I’m offer £2 off using COLOURING2 at the checkout. I’d love your support, and remember, take what you learn here and run with it. I’m certainly trying to!


Keziah Herbert
Children’s Book Illustration follow on course

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