Paul Ward

“This is oil on canvas and is of Dunstable Castle on the Northumberland coast where I spent 2 weeks for my holidays. This painting was inspired by the walk from the beach back to the campsite on a warm sunny day. I wanted to catch the warmth and the sun of the day.”

Paul Ward
Painting and Drawing Diploma Course


Alethea Jack

Alethea Jack is an 8 year old Young Artist student who has completed a drawing of her favourite pair of trainers for her course.

Tutor John Byrne said

“big CONGRATULATIONS….your work is very, very good for an 8 year old. I can see that you have put a lot of practise into your drawings……. you have succeeded with flying colours on this challenge, both your drawing and your shading work is excellent and I really love your colour choices, especially on the trainers…if you had done that picture for an advertising campaign everyone would want to buy those shoes! :)”

Alethea Jack
Young Artists Course


Tracey Thomas

Although it was only launched at the end of January this year, one keen student has recently completed the new diploma course in Illustration.

Tracey Thomas, who also successfully completed the Digital Illustration with the college last year and was recognised by the ABCC (Association of British Correspondence Colleges) as an award winning student. In the past six months she has completed six assignments illustrating everything from song lyrics to a children’s book stopping at poetry, graphic design, comic books and a magazine article in between.This is one of her illustrations for the magazine article ’10 Winter Boredom Busters for Chickens’ which forms Assignment Four.


Tutor Spencer Hill explained that the purpose of this diploma was to introduce students to illustration through a series of projects which get increasingly challenging and touch on a variety of disciplines. Tracey has Cerebral Palsy and uses a head pointer to produce her drawings, but she does not let her disability limit her creativity, instead she used Corel Draw to produce a superb portfolio of illustrations including a comic strip about herself and her dog Lola. Throughout the course Tracey continued to share her sketches in between assignments and always responded positively to the feedback…sometimes even trying an assignment again because she wanted to improve her work.

Tracey told us:
Doing courses with Spencer at the art college has given me so much courage. The Illustration Course, the one I have just completed was my favourite course because Spencer allowed me to develop my own way of drawing. The course was so much fun. I enjoyed being told what to draw and doing my best to come up with the best image. Spencer encouraged me so much and he said I can continue to show him my work.  He is one of my heros.

Tracey is planning to continue developing comic strips with the intention of one day publishing them. With what she has learned on the course and Spencer’s continued mentoring we hope to report on her success in the near future.

Written by tutor Spencer Hill
Digital Illustration.

Karen Dapas

I recently self-published a children’s book with my sister Linda titled: “Bully-Proof: No Bullies Allowed.”  I am a former student of Maggy Roberts (Children’s Book Illustration Course).  The main characters in the book were inspired by one of my course assignments.  I chose to use watercolors for their vividness and appeal to young readers.  This is also my favorite medium in which to work.  Written by Linda Dapas and illustrated by Karen Dapas.
Karen Dapas
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

Karen Dapas2

Karen Dapas3

Karen Dapas4

Karen Dapas1.

London Art College Competition 2015

Welcome to this years official London Art College Competition 2015. This competition is open to all London Art College current students and those who completed since Sept 2014.

  • Students can enter any drawing or painting that they have created to
  • Please send jpeg images only and try to keep images under 5mb’s please.
  • Only one entry per student, the deadline is 27th of September 2015

If you have any questions just drop us a line. Good Luck!