Catriona Jennings

My name is Catriona Jennings and I’m a student on the photography course, my second course with London Art College.  I did the children’s illustration a few years ago.  I signed up for the photography course just before Christmas.

One of the reasons I chose this particular course was that I really enjoyed the forum and found the support from other students really helpful. The forum also provides support in solving technical  problems.  So now I have a new bridge camera and am learning how to use it.

I started the 52-week illustrative challenge on the forum and then thought it would be really nice to have a photography one as well so I found the camera shy 52-week challenge. Each week there is a theme and the group provides a lot of positive feedback and great ideas. I also really enjoy having the challenges on the forum. The latest one is  ‘Wood’ and so I’ve been out and about to try find nice pictures.

I would love to see some  work, not only from other photography students, but also from other courses.  I enjoy taking pictures of animals and perhaps they might be useful to the pet portrait students.  I have included a picture of a female mallard duck I took a few days ago.

Catriona Jennings
Photography Diploma Course


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