Jenny Gideonsson

Jenny Gideonsson, who is studying the illustrating Children’s books Diploma Course, has submitted the  most wonderful illustration for one of her assignments. I asked if Jenny would write about her illustration and she has very kindly done so below. Thank you so much Jenny and we wish you the best of luck with your next assignment – looking forward to seeing it!
My name is Jenny Gideonsson and I am a student from Sweden. I have recently done my last assignment for the “Illustrating Children’s Books course”. I have had a great time studying the course and I feel that I have learnt a lot.
For the last assignment I was thinking about what media that I feel most comfortable working with. I think that at the moment I feel most comfortable working with ink outlines together with watercolour plus some coloured pencils for details. And that is what I have been working with in this picture. I try to think about what kind of material I am trying to show when I do my outlines with ink and details with coloured pencils, to catch the feeling of different kind of materials. I try to make my outlines strong but at the same time a bit shaky for a spontaneous look.
Then for the colouring I never know where it is going to end. What I decide in the beginning is the feeling I want to catch. In this picture I wanted to get a warm, cosy and happy feeling. When I start colouring I start with something I know. Like: I knew that I wanted to have the wallpaper in Prussian blue so I started there and then the other colors show them self for me as I keep working. I try not to think to much, I try to feel the colors. But in the back of my head I have some thoughts about warm colors coming forward in the picture, cool ones falling back etc.
When I made this picture I was thinking back a bit at the “Sink City-assignment”. When I was a child I thought it was exciting with pictures where ordinary things were bigger or smaller than they are in reality. So here you can see things for the furniture being big colored pencils, matchsticks etc. Maybe I should correct the sentence “When I was a child I thought it was exciting..” I am still excited of these kind of things and I am proudly saying that I am going to feed my childish mind all my life with pictures and texts that makes me happy and inspired. And it is my dream and hope that I am going to be able to produce pictures and texts that makes other people happy and inspired.
Jenny Gideonsson
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

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