Apple by Tameeka Johnstone

Tameeka Johnstone is currently studying with Paul weaver on the Painting and Drawing Diploma. Tameeka has created a fantastic pice of artwork and she has very kindly written about it below…over to Tameeka!


This drawing is a “media” drawing, in which any media could be used via a tablet or computer to draw a subject. This is my first drawing on an iPad through an app called ArtStudio.

I chose an apple as my subject because I wanted to create an object that was simple, yet still managed to hold a lot of minor detail.

In this drawing, are a range of colours such as creams, greens, yellows, greys and browns. I have used between 30-40 different shades of colours and layered them, creating this drawing. I used different opacity in different areas of the drawing and also different “tools” such as “spray” “sketch” and “paint.”

I am currently mid way through my drawing and painting diploma with Paul Weaver as my tutor, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning many techniques as well as having fun creating pieces. I hope to one day perhaps have some work in a gallery and sell pieces on the side. I think it is great when you can do something in life that is a part of you and you can also bring others joy in that at the same time. Creating is truly a gift.


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