The Guardians

Zeina entered this piece in a recent competition that we posted for the Bear Cub Gallery. Her artwork is absolutely wonderful and we are really pleased to share it here along with some words from Zeina.


When first I thought about drawing something different than all the submissions we are asked to do, I wanted to do something unique and something I have never worked before. So I thought about something free to fly and yet so sweet. I have always loved owls although lots of people think they are bad luck I think the opposite and I wanted to show a kind side of the owls and nothing is impossible, why not? Owls can be helpful and protect the people they love, so I named the piece ‘The Guardians’ hope people see and learn about owls.

Zeina Shehade

zeina shehade (1) zeina shehade (2) zeina shehade (3)

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