Suncast Morn by Paul Harris

Paul Harris is currently studying the Painting and Drawing Diploma with Paul Weaver and has produced this wonderful oil painting of a sunrise in Canada. Paul has very kindly written about the painting and his course below.


This painting is based on a scene in Northern Ontario, Canada. This is some of the most amazing landscape you would want to see. I made a sketch on scene and took pictures as well. In my studio I worked from the pictures in various phases until its completion. I only recently further embellished this since you will see a 2005 date on the painting.

One of the many things the Drawing and Painting diploma program has helped me learn is that I am free to use my artistic license where it can improve on my work. Speaking a little more about this course, the drawing aspect has really shown me that you can be a better drawer than you think. I am mostly into painting but have through this course realized that also love drawing and I think that the two really go hand in hand.

Paul Harris


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