Dawns’ Fiery Fred!

We asked Dawn Treacher, currently studying the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course, if she would write a little about her latest piece ‘Fiery Fred’. Dawn has written a wonderful piece below, we hope you enjoy reading it and viewing Dawns work. Don’t forget to visit and ‘like’ Dawns facebook page if you are a member – Trechercreatures >> 


This piece, Fiery Fred is my 3rd Assessment piece for my Children’s Book Illustration course. I have painted this in acrylic inks which give lovely vibrant colour. I add a little touch of white acrylic paint to the inks to give greater opacity to the colours. These inks are then painted onto watercolour paper.This combination gives a good covering quality whilst retaining a lovely flow making their application easy to handle.

I took a long time working on different ways to approach this assessment piece. I wanted to create a composition that gave a real sense of space as well concentrating on the dragon and what he had done. I have allowed the foreground undergrowth to almost grow up around the framing of the image to help pull all the elements together.

I love painting dragons and had prior to this piece spent some time sketching and painting dancing dragons so these earlier sketches helped me a great deal in finalising the drawing of Fred. I have really enjoyed working on this Assessment.

I have found since starting this course in October last year that my general drawing ability has improved tremendously. Also my ability to put together a composition has really come along since working on my Assessment pieces. Prior to starting this course I have been a landscape painter for many years and even here I have found the things I have learnt on this course have helped make my landscape work so much stronger and has given me the confidence to tackle subjects I would not have considered trying before.

Dawn Treacher


Monika Cilmi – Solo Exhibition

If any of our students are in the Suffolk area in May, Monika Cilmi, our Chinese Brush Painting tutor, is having a solo exhibition. Snape Maltings is an arts complex on the banks of the River Alde at Snape, Suffolk, U.K

Monika believes in the powerful effect of art and the way it can affect lives. Her research aims to explore relationship to body and mind to understand how people react through the ritual of gesture, expressed by brushwork.

We wish Monika all the best with her exhibition.


Graphic design / Artist Wanted

We have a request from Maud Madlyn who is looking for a student to help design a logo, poster etc for Defiant Reality Theatre. If any of our students are the successful applicant, let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


My name is Maud Madlyn and I am the artistic director of Defiant Reality Theatre, a brand new London-based professional theatre company who is honoured to have been chosen by Andy McQuade, winner of the Fringe Report ‘Best Theatre Director’ award in 2012 and head of Second Skin Theatre, to fill SST’s shoes as the new resident company of the White Rabbit [125 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UH London].

We are launching our first season this June and taking a show to this year’s Camden Fringe. Being a company with only women at the head of it, our misison is to present theatre written by either men or women – we’re not sexist – but always with strong female characters at the heart of it & directed by women. To help us get Defiant Reality on its visual feet, we are looking for a female design intern.

Everything has yet to be created: the company logo, the poster for the first June show as well as for the Camden Fringe show which will play in the West End this August & the website.

Like all of us at Defiant Reality, this is a volunteer position at the moment but if we find the right person, we’d love to be able to add them to the company’s payroll as soon as we have one!

Although there will be deadlines to meet, the hours are of course completely flexible and the intern will work from their own home. That is not to say we won’t be available 24/7 to liaise, chat and get to know one another! We are looking for someone who likes to think outside the box, who is bold & daring in their creativity.

Please contact me on 07587 231 430 or at defiantrealitytheatre@gmail.com for any further information and we look forward to working with you soon. 

Maud Madlyn

Gina’s Illustration……

Gina Maldonado is currently studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. Gina posted her illustration on our student forum for her fellow students to view and comment on. As soon as I saw it I knew it just had to be featured on our blog and website. I absolutely love the colours and the happy, vibrant feel that Gina has created within the illustration. Gina has very kindly written about her piece below. Why not visit Gina’s Blog too!


I’m very glad you liked my illustration. For this illustration I spent a long time sketching, thinking about and singing the poem until I had a general idea of what I wanted to do. Then, I drew the illustration with pencil on a bigger sheet of paper more carefully and adding details – I’m a big fan of Pinterest, I used it to gather ideas for the details. When I was happy with my illustration I scanned it and coloured in Photoshop using textures I had made with pastels, coloured pencils and acrylics.

Gina Maldonado


Watercolour Student wanted….

We have received an email in from Shristi who is looking for a watercolourist to create a number of illustrations for a one-off book she is putting together as a gift for her husband.

Shristi would like students to get in contact if they feel they can create artwork similar to the style of the well known artists Florine Asch. One of Florine’s paintings is below and you can visit her website here for inspiration – http://www.florineasch.com/

Payment is negotiable and Shristi can be contacted at shristi.mittal87@googlemail.com

Please note the college is not affiliated with this offer, students enter at their own risk.

Draw-In Symposium

My name is Julie Douglas and I am a professional artist and tutor and I teach for the London Art College running their Coloured Pencil Course.

Last summer, I attended a workshop at the grand Central Academy, New York. As a teacher it is very important to recharge the batteries, not only by continuing personal painting practice, but also by pushing the creative boundaries, jumping in at the deep end and working to continue learning. Attending the GCA meant putting myself on the line – and working very hard. I met some amazing and interesting people, all of whom were open and willing to share their experiences, passing on their knowledge with generosity and modesty.

I began asking if any of them would be interested in coming to the British Isles to teach. They were so enthusiastic that I had to STOP asking, for they all wanted to come! So, time for me to make my vision a reality…! I am so delighted to tell you that later in the summer 2014 I am hosting a symposium to celebrate (and teach) drawing – a weekend of talks, demonstrations and workshops, with some amazing artists from round the world, including, among others, award winning illustrator PJ Lynch, Paul Foxton, a painter who writes a wonderful educational art blog, and Colleen Barry from New York who has been described as one of the greatest painters today.

I met some of Colleen’s students when I was in New York and their faces lit up at the mention of her name – she is a much loved teacher. The event is for everyone, from beginner to experienced artists. All the artists participating are gifted teachers, this will be a learning experience of a lifetime and I feel honoured and excited to be hosting it. I will also be teaching a figure drawing workshop as part of the weekend.

For your interest, please take a look and consider coming. I wish there had been something like this when I started my learning journey. Such a variety of artists, together at one time, is rare indeed. As a professional artist, I think it is good for students to know that most artists don’t have the opportunity of making contact with people who admire their work. If artists sell in galleries, they often don’t meet anyone apart from the galley owner. If you, as a student, are interested in meeting like minded people, I urge you to come and join in. It will be lighthearted while you work, you will learn LOTS, and make many new friends.


Julie Douglas

draw-in-symposium (3) draw-in-symposium (1) draw-in-symposium (2)