History of Art Diploma Students work in Egypt…

Stewart Roberts, tutor for the History of Art Diploma and Follow on course Understanding 20th to 21st Century Art Diploma, sent us a photo of one of his students helping cleaning some stones in Luxor. We were very interested to hear more about Rona and her work in Egypt and asked if she would write a litle more about her work. Shge very kindly sent us more photos below. We hope you enjoy viewing them!


On my visit to Deir-el-Medina valley of the Artisans (workers) nestled below the Theban Hills on the West Bank of Luxor (Thebes) where the workers cut and prepared the tombs of the Kings I visited the temple of Hathor.

The picture is inside the Northern chapel dedicated to Amun-ra-Osiris and shows the king before deities Hathor, Isis, Nepthys, Horus, Anubis, Mut and others where today’s workers were restoring and cleaning these exquisite colourful carvings.

Having Just completed the course History of Art  then to find myself going back to Egyptian art 3000 to 300BC helped me to appreciate the wonderful art, craft and design work portraying the life and culture of early Egypt. Amazing I can’t wait to return!!

The first photo of of myself cleaning the stones, the second photo is the lily and papyrus frieze and the third photo is the blue lotus flower associated with rebirth!

Rona – History of Art Diploma





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