Julie-Ann and Drafting Film…

We would like to thank Julie-Ann for sending us this wonderful piece of artwork for inclusion on our blog. Julie-Ann has written a small piece below to let us know how she got on with using the drafting film along with coloured pencils as a surface to work on for the first time. I have added the full portrait and a close up detail for our students to view below. Thank you Julie-Ann!
This drawing is A4 in size using prismacolor coloured pencils on A4 polydraw drafting film.¬†For me, polydraw drafting film is very much an experimental surface to work on with a semi-transparent acetate¬†appearance. It has a matt coating on either side which means it can take coloured pencil on both sides or keep graphite and CP separate to ensure a pure finish. Working on the reverse side the image becomes negative, however, this creates deeper hues and enhances the tones. The result is a richer depth of colour with plenty of detail. This is my first attempt with prismacolor on what some artists describe as “grease proof” paper, but I’m pleased with it as it gives me the inspiration to do more images on polydraw in the future.
Julie-Ann Maguire – Coloured Pencil Course


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