Rachel’s Graphic Design success

The following post is written by one of our students Rachel Dawes who is currently studying with Vanessa Weaver on the Graphic Design in Art Diploma. We hope that you find Rachel’s post inspiring and interesting read! Congratulations to Rachel on creating superb artwork for Redlands.


As an advertising design graduate, my speciality is in the psychology behind brands, rather than the artistic side. I took part in the Art for Graphic Design course in an attempt to both learn and develop some artistic skills, and to explore typographic design. I was just beginning the branding part of the course when the brief for Redlands landed on my desk in work.

The brief was fairly straightforward – to create a brand identity for a local estate and letting agents. The client wanted an identity that made the company look well established and knowledgeable, but without looking dated. With this in mind, I began by investigating the target audience to find out what qualities they were looking for in an estate and letting agents. Many people said that they were looking for businesses that seemed “educated and established but not dated and most importantly, friendly”. I then looked at fonts styles to see if there was anything that could bring together the client’s needs with that of the customer’s.

Thanks to the typography section in the course material, I knew that different fonts could create different emotions, so after some research into fonts and competitor’s logos, I chose to use a historical looking sans serif font as it evokes feelings of tradition and heritage, and paired it with a motif in a deep red colour. I then came up with the tagline of “bringing you home” as it added a personal touch to the business – suggesting that they were selling more than just a house. By using a handwritten font, it added a personal touch and makes the company appear more approachable.

The logo design was so popular with the client, they asked me to create matching stationery and For Sale signs, which are now in use in the area!

Rachel Dawes – Art in graphic Design Diploma

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1 thought on “Rachel’s Graphic Design success

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful example of a commissioned piece of design. The best form of experience for all students to strive for is a live brief and I am delighted that you were able to experience this as part of your coursework.

    I found it very useful to learn of your client’s requirement, wishing to have an up to date logo as well as looking experienced in the marketplace. The solution is very impressive and I am not at all surprised that your client is delighted with the outcome.

    Thank you again for allowing us to share your news and view your design work.


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