The Magic Walnut

Judy Elizabeth Wilson, received her certificate this week for successfully passing the Illustrating Children’s books diploma course with distinctions. Judy recently illustrated ‘The Magic Walnut’ which you can read more about below and view a few illustrations form the book itself. If you are interested in Judy’s work, don’t forget to follow the links below too. We would like to wish Judy every success for her future illustrating career.
In December 2012 I made contact with Dominic Leyton, the author of The Magic Walnut. Dominic wrote a post on the lac blog calling for an illustrator. I read the manuscript of The Magic Walnut. I loved the characters, the setting and the story.The Magic Walnut is a beautiful story about a young swan who is frightened of flying and how he learns to overcome his fears and believe in himself with the help of an old mouse called Nunu.In the middle of 2013 we found a publisher.

Dr Lynne Whatmore of World´s Fair LTD has now published The Magic Walnut as an e-book which is online to buy at Amazon Kindle.While the e-book has one image per chapter, the printed book will feature the whole collection of images.There are 22 full page illustrations plus vignettes for the chapter headings and the front cover. I produced a short animation for The Magic Walnut. Take a look and ‘like’ The Magic Walnut on Facebook >>

This book has been a great project to take part in. I´m looking forward to see how Terry and Nunu´s adventure is received. It is an empowering story that everyone can relate to, especially young children.

Judy Elizabeth Wilson

The Magic Walnut Amazon Kindle stores worldwide.
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