Annekes story about Babis

Anneke, a student currently studying on the Pet Portrait Diploma course, has created a wonderful portrait for her vet of her vets dog babis. Here is Annekes story behind the portrait….


This is Babis, a Kokoni (this is a terrier mix of Crete).  I promised Michali for a long time, that I would make a drawing of his dog.  He is the vet that takes care of our dog for many years when we are on Crete (she is 14 years old). Babis is always there wandering around, either in the waiting room or in the practice area.

Normally I hate waiting for something, but not in Michali’s practice. Compared to the organized veterinary practices in Holland, always something happens there, the door from the waiting room and the practice is always open. Most of the time he is working on different animals at the same time, the phone is answered, or somebody pops into the practice room with some poorly chicks or other animals.In spite of this, he always gives a lot of time and explains things when necessary.I even attended several small operations on our dog and he explained everything he was doing. Because our dog is old, I come there frequently for minor things and several times I was not allowed to pay.

I therefore made this drawing of Babis for him with al my heart. As you can see, he was very happy and he insisted to take this photograph with Babis in his arms. The drawing now hangs proudly in his waiting area. He waited for my approval for the best spot!



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