Jenna Whyte – Success Story!

Jenna Whyte completed the Sci Fi Fantasy course a few years ago and has emailed us to let us know she has just released a new book called ‘The Illustrated Guide to the Elements’.

Jenna Said – “The Illustrated Guide to the Elements: Volume I’ is a Sherlock Holmes “case book” style investigation that contains detailed description of the chemical elements personified as Victorian Women. Each has her own personal attributes drawn from the characteristics of the element she represents. Each element has an description based on the element’s history, characteristics, and uses, they also have a ink portrait. Thus far it has been doing well. Selling on my own website, Etsy and Amazon”.

We are thrilled that Jenna is doing well in her career since completing our course and we wish her all the best with her next book – Volume II

Jenna Whyte


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