Chinese Brush Painting Student Artwork….

We have our first pieces of artwork from our first student on our new correspondence course – Chinese Brush Painting! We would like to thank Janet for writing the piece below about her artwork and allowing us to display it both here and in our student gallery. We are looking forward to seeing her next set in the coming months. If anyone reading our blog is interested in Chinese Brush Painting and fancies having a go under the guidance of a professional and experienced Chinese brush painter…why not enrol today!  Chinese Brush Painting course details >> 


I have just completed the first section of the Chinese Brush Painting Certificate course. I chose this subject for my first attempt at a correspondence course because it is familiar and I need to take my painting one step further – i.e. concentrate on brush stroke quality and think about composition.

At present I am going through a bit of a sticky patch … but I think this is normal when one tries to discipline one’s creative juices to a higher standard. Working on one’s own is never easy and there are always too many distractions (by nature I am lazy and slapdash).

The course content is excellent, very complete and is certainly redressing my “composition issues”.

Janet Chinese Brush Painting Course ( C10)

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