Joanne’s Painting – Garden View

I contacted Joanne yesterday after seeing a piece of artwork that she had recently completed and submitted for the Drawing and Painting Diploma course. I really loved what she had created and wanted to add it to the college news blog. I emailed Joanne to ask if she could write something about it and she replied with such a wonderful email, thank you Joanne : )  Here’s what she had to say : )
Hi Melanie
So excited that you like my picture so much!!!!!!!
A few years ago my daughters were in ‘ the Brownies and on mothers day they gave me a little card with a beautiful picture of a garden view through a window , it’s only 3x 4″ big but it’s been pinned to my easel ever since. This is where my inspiration came from, I have painted so many flowers and gardens over the years just from looking at this little card. I painted this picture in acrylics as this is my favourite medium, I just love how this has turned out, especially the leaves near the bottom of the scene.

I have been painting and drawing on and off for years and many times have felt like throwing my paintbrushes out the window, as a beginner you don’t realise that every painting and drawing – good or bad is all Progression. And when you get an email like I’ve had from Melanie – its the best feeling ever and just makes you want to progress more and more.
So Thank You Melanie
You have really made my day !!!!
Happy Painting

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