Carols Colour Wheel…

I recently asked one of my students if it would be ok to post her colour wheel drawing on our college blog. I felt that it was not only fantastically drawn but it fits the colour wheel concept so well.  Carols rendering of the piece is perfect and she gets full marks for this! I hope you enjoy viewing it and reading what Carol has to say below.


This is Elaine on her posh dressage horse at a local competition.  I decided to draw them for the colour wheel exercise as I can’t seem to work up a head of steam for inanimate objects – it’s warm fur & bright eyes that push my buttons.  Joining the colours up to create some sort of form was challenging enough, but I’m happy with the outcome for a first attempt.  The background shapes & colours just grew and grew on their own and were a great learning thing for me, which is what I’m here for after all!
Carol – Pet Portraits Diploma (D5)

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